PRDV005: Time Estimated Activity: End of Unit 2

Responding to Part 1 with regards to the time it took me on each of the four subunits in Unit 2. It took me about 4 hours (an hour less than the 5 hour time). I completed this in 4 hours as I had very little distractions other than a few times having to answer home phone calls (those unwanted-trying to sell you something). I have prior knowledge of time management and are normally pretty good about using my time wisely; focusing on what tasks are needed for today and knowing some tasks can be put off until tomorrow.

Responding to Part 2, my Pomodoro technique that works for me is probably about 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute break. My attention span and focus is pretty good so I really don’t need a break after 25 minutes. I can be productive knowing I just need to get the job or task done. I make a list of my priorities indicating what really needs to done right away and followed by other priorities which could wait. I don’t really get stressed by these priorities. There is no need to stress over these as that will just create worry, stress and will not help you in the long scheme of things.


It literally took me about two hours to get thru this course probably because they were videos even though I read fast anyways. It’s all about the mood an the goal you set for yourself, if u feel u can finish work within in hour then u can. I always believe in the impossible because in front of the word is I’m possible. So I believe that I can finish anything and the matter of my time. Especially if u had a great productive day.

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I don’t like really taking breaks especially when I am on a go mode. I get impatient at times so I feel like I need to work very hard everyday. I need to have my A game on point . I want to be the best. I have to be.My only competition is myself. I just have to be better every single day. I like to work so hard till I give myself a headache. That’s how productive I am . On weekends I give my brain a break.

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  1. Honestly, this unit took me about 2ish hours and then to the 5 hour thing. Note taking does stall a bit more for me because I have to pause a lot to actually jot down my notes. I have prior knowledge to this topic and it really helped me out and would suggest doing more in future.

  2. The pomodoro that helped me was like 30 minutes hard work followed by 10 minutes of break and snack. Anything to cooking or working at my job the pomodoro helped me keep a sharp eye on my work and made it better than before.