PRDV005: Unit 2 Time Estimate Activity

This is my reponse to the two parts of this activity.
First, I spent around 3 hours and 40 minutes to accomplish this Unit 2. I completed the four subunits in less than 5 hours which was the approximative time spent, because I was focusing on the resources and activities , I got rid of all distractions, I set a time to each subunit before I start working on the whole Unit 2 and of course after having a look at all the activities and resources provided and calculate an approximative time to each so I can challenge myself to finish at the same time mentioned. And it really works for me.
Then, for the Pomodoro technique I found my own methode which is a 4 pomodoros of 20 minutes and 5 minutes break. I used the break to do all the things that used to interrupt my work and distact me. It helps me to track my time and to fogure out where my time is wasted.


We are happy you found the techniques useful!