Present and past sentence

I go to park
I went to park
I take shower
I took shower
I die everyday
I died everyday
I am crazy
I was crazy


Yes i am enjoying the topic


I see her
I saw her
He laugh at me
He laughed at me
Did you write it?
Did you wrote it?
I make that cake
I made that cake


i get up at eight o´clock
i got up at fice o´clock
i read a book
i take vacations
i took vacations
i sleep
i slept


" Did you write it?" Is already in the past tense.


I read history book.
I go to the park.
The theif surrender himself.
Anaya goes to gym.
She works hard.
Past Tense
I read history book.
I want to the park.
The theif surrendered himself.
Anaya went to gym.
She worked hard.

I am sleeping
I slept
I wash
I washed
She eats
She ate

I am reading Shakespeare at the moment.–) I was reading Edgar Allan Poe last night.
I go to party–)I went to party
I make that food–)I made that food
I am happy–)I was happy

I sleep early
I slept early
I cook rice
I cooked rice
I wash clothes
I washed clothes
I bite her
I bit her

i sleep at eight oclock
i slept when i tired !!
i am going to school
i went to school

I eat breakfast.
I ate breakfast.
He runs fast.
He ran fast.
She buy chocolates.
She bought chocolates.
He write a letter.
He wrote a letter.
I take a shower.
I took a shower.