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Proctoring for Pilot Exams

How is proctoring conducted for the pilot credit exams? It says there will be a $5 fee, but it doesn’t say how proctoring is arranged, and ProctorU is still charging $25 per exam.

It is through a separate service and, for the courses it’s being piloted for, we have both options still available. The link doesn’t appear unless you’re logged in (see screenshot below), but will show up below the blurb about the pilot. Clicking in there will take you through the essentials.

You might want to explore SP’s FAQ here: (we’ll add some information to the page about SP, and I’ll see if we can link to that from the course-page blurbs).

Screenshot: (pilot option blurb plus link, logged-in view)

What is the status of this pilot? Will be it expanded to other courses?