PRSM107 Crisis Communication General


5.1 Activity: The Saylor Foundation’s “PRSM107 Discussion Forum”

Link: The Saylor Foundation’s “PRSM107 Discussion Forum” (HTML)

Instructions: After reviewing the course material in this subunit, consider the following prompts. Post your written response to these prompts on the PRSM107 discussion forum. Make sure to review and respond to at least one or two other students’ posts.

  1. Write three marketing messages that address the safety and value of a new social media application that helps parents keep track of their children’s departure to and from their homes aboard school buses. Include that the cost for the app is only $10 to download. Each app can be customized with an individual child’s genetic coding.

My answers (also these are also copyrighted of course):

“Just 10 dollar and you’ll sit next to your child in the school bus everyday”
“Customize your app with a genetic marker of your loved one”
“Keep an eye on them, even if when they are not at home”

  1. Next, write three key messages on how a technology company is providing smartphones equipped with the same social media applications to help locate lost or missing children during an earthquake disaster. The devices will emit a special beep when a human is discovered buried deep under rumble or within horizontal ranges from 20 feet to 1 mile. Include that there is no cost for the apps, the smartphones, or the operators who are using them to help locate the children. Everything is free and being donated by one nonprofit company named “Help on the Way.”

My answers (also these are also copyrighted of course):

“Free smartphone that helps locate missing children after an earthquake”
“The life saving phone, that works 20 feet deep and with a one mile radius”
“The phone that might save the life of your child in case of an earthquake”


5.2 Incorporate Key Messages Using Online and Traditional Media Tools

Reading: NLC-Communications-Workshop: “Keys to Media Relations Success,” “Television and Radio Interviews,” and “New Media Tips”

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5.4 Communicate to Various Stakeholder Groups

Reading: Mastering Public Relations: “Chapter 7: Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders and Publics”
Link: Mastering Public Relations: “Chapter 7: Identifying and Prioritizing Stakeholders and Publics”

The provided link is not working. You can read chapter 7 of the above mentioned book about PR here:


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I had loved you to please help me assess this and correct where necessary.

It is in response to Unit 2 of a creating a plan (PRSM 107)

A New Company Aimed at Reviving the Primacy of The Teaching of Physics in Nigerian Secondary School using Technology Enhanced Active Learning.

Mission Statement: To demystify the teaching and learning of Physics using interactive technology enhanced active learning tools, and to provide quality teaching aids for both learners and tutors of Physics at an affordable price.
Core Values: To achieve the above mission, the following shall form the basic ethics of our relationship with individual staff, with our various clients and with our numerous learners.

  1. Simplicity: It will be our ardent pursuit to see that topics are treated in the simplest way ever. The teaching, learning and communication approaches must be learner centered; priority must be given to learner’s language and learner’s individuality.
  2. Consistency: We would ensure that our products, posts, and materials are updated regularly and checked for curriculum consistency. We would design an approach to measure the consistent growth of our learners and ensure that our database is consistently updated with relevant information.
  3. Integrity: Relationships are built on trust; therefore we will ensure that our relationships and activities are carried out with utmost integrity. Curriculum integrity, Quality integrity and Learners trust will be preserved.
    4.Passion: We belief whatever is not worth dying for is not worth living for, conscious of this, we are consumed with passion to see that all learners of Physics find physics interesting, and interactive.
    STRENGTH: By been the first to introduce the simplified teaching and learning of physics in Nigeria strictly using Technology enhanced active learning, we have an edge over other would soon be competitors. More so its crystal clear that learners are more inclined towards activity induced learning, therefore we will exploit these strengths through the creation of Physics Video Games that will be both interactive and addictive. The essence of the game will be to help learners understand the basics of Physics and gradually as the difficulty in the game increases, they would move from concrete to abstract.
    Every learner loves encouragement. Therefore all our videos , games or apps will be made with such an interface that encouraging notes will be placed at every stage encountered, while the analysis of their errors will also be displayed.
    Most applications are not all inclusive, therefore we will ensure that their products aimed at assisting autistic learners, attention deficiency and hyper-impulsivity syndrome, and dyslexic kids. Their games will be designed in such a way that the necessary color coding, relevant ambient music will be added. It will also be ensured that it suited to the learner’s preferences.
    WEAKNESSES: Majorly, most good ideas are pilfered or hijacked by competitors. More so , most video products are often pirated, hence it is often imperative for producers to run at a loss. Finally financial source for funds will often be a major constraint, while most banks are not ready to invest in the educational sector.
    To address this weakness, we will ensure that our products are relatively cheap, so there will be no major need to buy pirated copies, we will also make regular free downloads available. We videos will burn on Dvd’s format in a way that it will not be editable or vulnerable to been copied.
    All our products will be copyrighted and our trademarks and logos will be strictly on them. We will preserve the uniqueness of our logo by seeking the expertise of a professional Graphic Artist.
    We will make opportunities open for suppliers to buy from us and sell at 15% profit, such creating employments.
    We will pool our resources together and start little and consistently monitor our progress till we become financially stable.
    OPPORTUNITIES: We would explore the current loophole in the education sector to claim a spot for ourselves. The general decline in education, the addiction of youths to video games, the passionate interest of young learners for high life songs will be explored and exploited to one maximum advantage.
    Most Schools with consistent records of poor performances in Physics will also be visited by our team, to train their science staff and also market our products.
    Eventualities will be prepared for. There are the possibilities of we not meeting up to our needed initial financial capital without loan, therefore if that happens, we will start first by going around schools organizing staff seminars and creating awareness on the essence of Technology enhanced active learning to raise the required funds.
    We would ensure that our electrical connections and fittings are not conduit but surface wiring, because it is safer to handle in case of fire outbreak. (since we would rely on a lot of technological equipments)
    Fire extinguishers will be provided at strategic locations known to everyone (learners inclusive) within the organization building.
    All the staff will have to take a mini-course of crisis management and how to minimize the risk.
    Some of them will be designated and assigned into the Crisis Management Committee with a Crisis lead as head.
    We will have a crisis plan that will be rehearse once in three months in preparation for the occurrence of Crisis. More so, we will also educate our learners and staff on the available escape route as designed in the company’s building plan in case of a fire outbreak or a building collapse.

Goals and Objectives
The following goals will be pursued within the time frame allotted.
Goal 1: Within the first 12 months of our running operation;
We should have at least 500 registered learners on our offline and online databases.
We should have a catalogue for our e-products
We must have conducted on –job seminars and workshops to teachers in not less than 15 schools.
We should also have at least a profit of 20% after the deductions of tax and expenditures.
Goal 2:
In 5 years time, we should have our products in most bookshops across the federation.
We also aim to become a household name in 15 years time.


This is comprehensive. A good crisis management plan indeed reduces the potential risk ahead


Hi, This isTamika Suggs
The six core values I chose for a company are
Communication: Keeping employees informed of new projects, key topics, and strategies within the organization, This also helps to reach, engage, and motive Employees.
Effectiveness: This is where new ideas and targeted problems are addressed to the level in which preset goals and objectives are prioritzed by the company.
Accountability: Completing tasks assigned to employees, performing duties that are required at the company, being present for proper shift.
Acceptance: Being sure and stake holders are satisfied with organization and product.
Awareness: Creating company standards, explaining the company quality objectives, detailing responsibility of individual employee. To meet regularly and explain the consequences that the employees and company may face.


Tamika Suggs
Mission Statement: Is to provide superior quality Advertising results, to create credible outcomes on the expansion with communicative services. So we may continue to be the eyes for all Marketing needs

Core Value: Our Business Manager is dedicated to superior results and stellar work at every chance. We are committed to creating great rapport and developing strong ideas with integrated programs and delivering great Marketing results.
Our Advertising Specialists to strive to foster positive feed back with our products by, creating relationships with our clients for best results in production. Being opened minded with creative idea shared. We provide strategic in person and online surveys to our customers to ensure we are providing excellent services even at our most busiest times.

As a PR director with a consultant team, we highly value both supportive and collaborative relationships in all aspects. Clients and customers values an Agency who is by their side every step of the way also, vendors and co-workers helps meet Company objectives.
At every location where we provide services on the College campus we strive to have about 90% communicative relationships with School personnel and students, also 50% of revolving information of our company at the college.
Our Marketing and Social Media specialists create College Programing stations and News articles at each location to increase advertisement for both Colleges and PR Agency. We evaluate the existing programs against competitors and assess existing content for continuous service. We have to adapt to new trends and technology that emerges.
To show our creative service we provide, we offer free commercial advertisements for students, teachers and colleagues of the College campus. These services have been extended for years, this helped with growth Agency for years to come.


At Gear UP INC… A seller in out large web company has selling stolen property at Though our company only facilitates products between buyer and seller. Our company is being investigated by Law Enforcement to resolve this matter.
As Gear UP INC. is a long standing and respectful company of 15 years. We are pleased to assure all Customers and stakeholders that we are cooperating with Law Enforcement to resolve this going matter.
To bring ease to everyone involved, we will be sure every product sold to every customer from this investigation and monies will be returned to every Customer and all products from customer back to our Company. As these product are apart of an on going investigation.
At our earliest convenience we will send out corresponding emails for all Customers with instructions on all returns. For more information you may visit our website at 24/7 or Call us at 1-800-567-7899 Mon-Fri 8:00a.m- 9:00p.m.


A local Beer Brewery Company that sits about 5 minutes outside of the inner city has casted a fire near the our local Dam. A major spill from the Brewery has found its way into the water dam. The city near by uses to the Dam for clean water supply to the residents. There is about 17,000 residents that depends on our Water Sanitation department to supply water. We have two water parks that uses the Dam for water supply and businesses such as Hospital, Hotels Restaurants.Our best efforts we have sent out Emergency Communication Responses to all local TV and Radio stations and every social site: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and SMS. At this time we are using every source to supply the community with clean water. As the local water and sewer department has shut down all main water supply valves in order to contain water contamination. Our City Council and Crisis Communication Center are working together to help supply clean water everywhere its needed. The main water valve supplier through the Dam will be down for approximately for about 72 hours while water is being cleaned and filtered. We are supplying countless amounts of bottled water to everyone who needs clean water. We understand how this may affect the Community. Our goal is to get the Dam cleaned and running perfectly. As for the Beer Brewery the fire is contained and out. The Brewery owners has worked effortlessly to help with clean up with Dam and Brewery. In our efforts of clean up, we will send out more Crisis Communication Responses to websites and contact information, so that all bottled water locations are known and shared al residents and business owners to get supplied with as much needed. Contact:
Phone: 1-800-229-2837 for water suppliers.


As a PR with about 300 other associates and in a crisis, the first is to remain calm so that situation is addressed rationally. With planning for a crisis whether for fire, catastrophic weather, or a crime that presents a threat. Our Crisis Communication team will consist of updating information regularly as circumstances change. The Vice President of Operations of the company will convene and coordinate the the level one two or three emergency. Also, they are to notify all staff and public persons in involved. The communication will be by phone or email. The Crisis Communication Team will implement some or all of outlined steps based on the circumstance. The Crisis Communication Team will activate sirens, send email, text messages, activate and post notifications to websites. Review and write down all facts.

Spokesperson of Chief Executive Officer will communicate the facts of the situation and responses to key audiences. In efforts they must use approved messages and templates. When possible the first to be informed should be faculty and staff, senior leadersof the company, community, local law enforcement and Media. The Human Resource director will take all phone calls using a script developed by the Crisis Team. These employees will also monitor and update all recorded messages.

As a designated meeting place for all 300 staff employed at QAMB Inc. will meet at our designated fall out shelter, which is approximately 150ft and north of the QAMB Business. All staff will use every emergency exit that is in route towards fallout shelter. Evacuation plan may differ dependent on mobility.

After everyone has evacuated and Media is present. As all communications through websites, phone and radio, our mission is to keep everyone informed of the matter. Update PR with any new leads and also have responses prepared for additional questions about the safety of employees, damages and costs for repairs. That we will use our other business sites to operate and manage all communication from there.


Marketing Messages
-Only $10 for a roundtrip safety app.
-Alert safety alert button for a child in danger anywhere.
_Rush alert message responder to immediate family everywhere.

-A smartphone with an emergency app communicator for natural disasters.
-A smartphone emergency app that responds in no service areas.
-Smartphone that can save lives and receive emergency texts.


So far, I feel as though the Crisis Communications course is beneficial. It helps with knowing how to prevent a crisis and the type of crisis you are dealing with.


Hello, these are the 6 core values I chose for employees of the movie and game rental business:

  1. Positivity: A positive attitude goes a long way. Movies and games are used as distractions from people’s everyday lives and employees should be welcoming and helpful to customers. Positivity also has the potential to rub off on others (customers and others in the work environment) and spread a good feeling their way as well.

  2. Accountability: This helps to ensure that employees know they’re working towards a common goal and will try their best to carry out their respective duties effectively and efficiently.

3). Loyalty: Employees need to remain faithful to the organisation and employer. It’s important that they are committed to their duties and in so doing, continue to add value and actually believe in the greatness of the entity to which they belong.

  1. Strong work ethic: This encapsulates taking initiative, punctuality, reliability, dedication to the job and more. Employees such as these are an asset to the organisation.

  2. Honesty: Whether it’s dealing with monetary transactions or relaying information to a colleague or superior about an incident in the workplace, honesty is priceless. Knowing you can place your faith in an employee gives you a certain peace of mind. It also helps employees feel more at ease if they know they can be open and honest about their feelings and opinions and that their superiors are willing to listen.

  3. Adaptability: Change is inevitable and it’s important to have employees who can be flexible and go through the motions with you. Employees who are open minded to trying new things or doing things a different way are usually more willing to share with management their creative ideas and feel less stifled as compared to employees who resist change.

All of these values are integral to the proper functioning of any organization and should be communicated to the employees during their interview. At company meetings, staff should be reminded of the importance of possessing and showcasing these values and how much it helps not just the organisation, but them as well, in their personal development. It’s easier for staff to get on board with Management’s desires when they feel that they themselves are an essential part of the structure. Employees should be commended for jobs well done and treated with respect. The work environment should be clean and pleasant to function in. There should be an open door policy with Management so that employees feel at ease in expressing their thoughts. They should also feel that their suggestions are seriously considered.


Hi Tamika. These are well laid out and all are of utmost importance to any organization. Thanks for sharing.


It is very beneficial to know how to be prepared for a press conference in Crisis Communications.