PRSM107 Crisis Communication General


Good day, please find my response for Unit 2:

PRESS RELEASE for APRIL’s DISASTER: An employee was consuming alcohol on the job and failed to adjust the voltage regulator. The voltage was increased by a considerable amount, causing several house fires, significant loss of property (appliances) and the death of an eleven-year-old child. The local media interviewed the employee’s spouse who stated the employee was working a double shift, that they had called someone to relieve them, and no one came. Your company is investigating, but has no new information. You represent Electric Company, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE RESPONSE: Good morning. My name is Donna Philip and I am the Public Relations Officer of Electric Company Inc. I’m sure that by now, you are all aware of the devastating fire that took place yesterday morning at Electric Company’s Eastern building. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of 11 year old Marlon Joseph who perished in the blaze. It’s a tragedy that should not have at all occurred and Electric Company Inc is working closely with the authorities at this time, to determine what exactly transpired.

To our knowledge, at approximately 10:45am yesterday, an Electric Company Inc employee, Mr Terrence Farrell was working on the distribution system in the Eastern building when a shower of sparks erupted from some of the equipment. Within seconds, a blaze began and quickly ripped through the department. Fire Authorities were quickly contacted but by the time they arrived, the inferno had spread to and destroyed 3 homes, damaged 2 others and tragically, claimed the life of Marlon Joseph.

There have been reports that Mr. Farrell was working a double shift and his replacement for the following shift was late. We categorically deny these allegations as Electric Company Inc. adheres to a strict scheduling routine of its employees. Mr Farrell’s second shift would have ended at 12 noon, exactly one hour and 15 minutes after the incident occurred, so another employee’s punctuality being called into question is completely without merit.

Electric Company Inc. has always taken its responsibility to its workers, consumers and by extension, the public at large, very seriously and we are committed to getting to the bottom of this. We remain invested in providing our customers with an adequate, reliable, and environmentally friendly supply of power in the best way possible. Until all investigations are completed, free counselling will be given immediately to those affected residents. Electric Company Inc. will also assume all costs associated with the funeral of little Marlon Joseph. We appreciate you all joining us today and we look forward to keeping you abreast of more information as soon as it comes to hand. Thank you very much.