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PSYCH101 Course Review

Hi! My name is Logan, I’ve been taking this course for probably 4 months now and spread out with other classes; it really wasn’t that bad at all. It was easy to follow and make sense of, the assessments were challenging but not impossible to complete, and the course of each unit for every subject is nicely done on the website. Great job. 5/5


thank you for sharing your thoughts Logan!

Thank you much


Just concluded my Psych101 course, and certified accordingly. It’s been an amazing experience. All thanks to .But I wanna ask, how can this certificate be used in my career, seeing that it was for PSYCH101?


My name is Joshua Emmanuel, just newly enrol on this course and it been amazing and value adding so far. I believe I will be able to complete it and take it to the next level. Thank you for opportunity saylor


Welcome Joshua!!

Thanks guys for sharing. This reviews are really helpful. I’m beginning a career path using this course. I’m hoping it would be an amazing journey.

I am just starting this course, but have found it the easiest to interact with and to understand than any other online education platform I’ve ever used. Thank you Saylor Academy staff!

I want to learn photoshop n editing too

For sure long time ago, i was finding the best online platform that will enable me to accomplish my dream based on psychology. Now am happy since i found Saylor Academy had given me what i wanted. Thanks so much Saylors Academy. GOD bless you