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PSYCH202A: Research Methods

The PSYCH202A: Research Methods has listed PSYCH201 as one of the prerequisites… I am not able to find said course anywhere on Saylor, is it an error or am i missing something? Help plz!


Hi Dhruv,

Do feel free to treat the prerequisite as a friendly suggestion rather than a true requirement, but you can find PSYCH202A at; specifically here. (For info on what a “legacy” course is, see the Legacy Courses section at the bottom of our help center page.

More generally, if you come across a course name that isn’t hyperlinked, plus the course code should take you where you want to go; e.g.

Hi sean , thanks for your prompt reply…

I have understood your point about the prerequisite being a suggestion but i think i have not able to explain myself with properly. I dont have a problem with PSYCH202A in particular but with PSYCH201 (which is the prerequisite for PSYCH202A). I cant find PSYCH201 anywhere on the site. Here’s a image of what i am trying to say

or is it that MA121 and PYSCH201 are one and the same course?


Oh, my fault – your original explanation is clear. I read and wrote too quickly without properly processing what you were saying.

Yes, PSYCH201 and MA121 are the same. In our original configuration, we had such cross-listed courses – the conceit being that everything in the psychology “major” should be a psychology course, even if we were just importing a math course and giving it a psych ID.

So, yes – MA121 is what you would want:

I will take “PSYCH201” off of that page.

Thanks for clearing up my mistake!