Public Relations COMM411: Unit 2 Discussion answers



1.What seems to be the most important aspects of preparing a public relations plan?

There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to preparing a public relations plan.It is important for the public relations officer of the person who will be handling the plan to be detail oriented and very good with planning things through and through.If technically speaking I think one of the most important in preparing a pr plan is the letter of transmittal,executive summary and strategies since they can be the foundation the plan itself.They should also be much more thorough and precise in manner.

2.Which marketing concepts may especially apply to effective public relations campaigns?

When it comes to marketing a lot of concepts can be applied and it can cause lines being blurred when it comes to pr and marketing, One of the things or concepts of marketing that can be used for public relations is the print and action plan more on letting the word out by actions or letting words be the fuel to the fire,The fields can be both intertwined as well.

3.If you are undertaking your own public relations campaign currently or in the future, please share any aspects of your planning process.

I’m the kind of person who plans in advanced and I am very detail oriented that I look like an OC kind of person and I pour all of my time and efforts when it comes to planning and making strategies requires a lot of thinking and writing as well,Fortunate for me I’m an introvert who loves to spend my time doing those things as well.I like to involve people by asking for their thoughts and opinions on the latter since it will help me on the building and the planning.