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Public Relations Unit 1 Recap

  1. How do the historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news?

Within the space of public relations, strategically managing the communication between an audience and the organization have always been the main aim for PR consultants. The historical foundation of PR and current day news ties in well together. The foundation of PR is to communicate to the public a particular message and to develop and maintain relationships within and outside the organization. Current day news apply this same foundation but on a larger scale such as through bloggers and podcast collaborations, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. These sites act as modern day news for everyone compared to the older channels of communication such as the news and newspapers. Social media platforms have a major force and pull in a positive way for PR and marketing teams.

  1. How might the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign?

The role of public relations fits perfect within a larger marketing campaign. As PR consultants add the element of strategy while managing and building relationship with organizations and individuals enhances everything.

  1. How do you think developments in social media are impacting the field of public relations?

The developments in social media enhances everything PR consultants do. In the field of public relations social media will always help grow and keep the field thriving.