Public Relations

What seems to be the most important aspect of a PR plan?
In my opinion, after reading these articles, the most important aspect of the plan is to identify with your audience and their needs. In addition, marketing your product to the right consumer is important.
Which marketing concepts may especially apply to effective PR campaigns?

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Identify how your product can help your consumers.
  3. Price the product to attract more consumers. Often times price is a huge factor as to if consumers will or will not purchase any products in the future.
  4. Make sure your product is attractive enough for your consumers to keep being patrons.
    If you are taking on your own PR campaign now or in the future, please share any aspects of the planning process.
    I would revert to the 4 P’s of marketing which are:
  5. Product
  6. Place
  7. Price
  8. Promotion
    These four attributes will assist with any planning of my campaign.

The 4 strategies of establishing public relations is really helpful to any entrepreneur.

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