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Question on Unit 4 of CS101

I have a question on Unit 4 on defining Operators, I was looking through that page, and I am not understanding on doing the exercises on that page, what program do I use to do that with? Can someone please help me with this please. Thanks in advance

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Hey there,
I literally just completed Unit 4 a couple of hours ago, so I know exactly which article you are on about. To be honest, I did find this one hard too because it is written for a programming language that has not even been mentioned within this course yet. Here is how I understood what to take from this chapter:
The article basically says that methods/functions/subroutines can be used as operators. Further the article in question distinguishes between methods that hold a fixed value (calls them ‘symbolic constants’) and methods that do operate on some values (calls them 'operators).
What I did with the exercises was, I did try to extrapolate the information given in the article and wrote a little java program that did the same. Basically I had a program that had a method that held pi, a method that calculated the square number based on an argument, and a method that combined those two methods to get the desired result.
To be honest, the main focus on Unit 4 is more on logical operators such as && and ||, and the later part will deal with analyzing them and using truth tables. I found these the points of unit 4 to really focus on.
I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thank you for the information, and I found out that the && and || were the basic points in Unit 4, thanks again

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Am also confused about that page if when the assessment quiz came I can’t attempt any,please any one with basic understanding help. Thanks