Quiz feedback

Are the quizzes reviewed and feed back given?

which quizzes are you talking about? the self-quizzes won’t be marked on your final grades but the end of the course has a graded system on them i think it does give feedback on the self-quizzes. as the non-graded quizzes known as self-quizzes give you the correct answers on the wrong answer qestions. from what i know the graded quiz does not give the correct answer feedback. i would ask the admin for this answer in a correct and understanding way


Quizzes are automatically marked, and should have right answers provided and automatic feedback/explanations (if a quiz doesn’t have feedback, it would when it is next updated). Some quizzes or quiz items are ungraded – usually short written responses where it would be difficult to give an automatic grade. Even for graded quizzes, though, the grade is meant more as a form of feedback and isn’t included in the course final grade, which is simply equal to your highest final exam score.

Final exams are automatically marked, but correct answers are not provided and there is no feedback.


Thank you so much. I’m new at this and I’m trying but it gets a little confusing