Quiz on Reflection on Sherlock Holmes

where is this quiz? Reflection on Sherlock Holmes
it says “Cannot start an attempt at this quiz. The quiz is set to be graded out of 10.00, but none of the questions in the quiz have a grade. This can be fixed on the ‘Edit quiz’ page.”

Debug info:
Error code: cannotstartgradesmismatch

Stack trace:

  • line 101 of /mod/quiz/locallib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 2421 of /mod/quiz/locallib.php: call to quiz_create_attempt()
  • line 111 of /mod/quiz/startattempt.php: call to quiz_prepare_and_start_new_attempt()

on attempt of this quiz

Hello Saylor Team (@Jeff_Davidson, @sean, @jazinheira …),

I’ve noticed that this question by @nadinelynch2600 about the “Quiz on Reflection on Sherlock Holmes” is related to the “ENGL000: Pre-College English” Saylor course. Specifically it’s related to the following “path”:

ENGL000: Pre-College English

Dashboard > My courses > ENGL000: Pre-College English > Sections > Unit 2: Combining Ideas > 2.5: Active Reading Practice > Reflection on Sherlock Holmes

… and, indeed, if one clicks on the “Attempt quiz now” button, on that “Reflection on Sherlock Holmes” web page, the following error messages then appear:

Could you check this, please?

This should be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!!

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@nadinelynch2600 - that link to the Sherlock Holmes quiz should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi @Jeff_Davidson,

Thank you very much for having quickly solved and replied about this issue in the “Quiz on Reflection on Sherlock Holmes” of the “ENGL000: Pre-College English” Saylor course! :slight_smile:

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