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Request Exam Accommodations [HC]

:information_source: This article describes Saylor Academy’s exam accommodations policy and how to make a request for accommodations.

On request, Saylor Academy may be able to offer certain accommodations for final exams.

Good to know

  • Our goal is to provide reasonable and feasible testing accommodations upon request.
  • This process is intended to support students with documented need for accommodations.
  • Some accommodations might not be feasible and we might not be able to provide for all requests.
  • There could be additional costs to you, e.g. extra time with proctoring services.
  • For technical reasons, accommodations are most easily made for exams you intend to take soon. If you will take other exams in the future, please fill out an additional request shortly before you are ready to take your exams.
  • Allow plenty of time for us to receive and process your request, communicate with you, and make technical arrangements on our systems.

How to request accommodations

  1. Review our Exam Accommodations Policy and contact us with your questions.
  2. Fill out the Accommodations request form. Please allow three business days for processing.
  3. We will contact you to confirm your request, seek any additional details we might need, and make arrangements for your exams.

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