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Request for study partner

Hey, my name is Bhoomika and I am a second year college student in India. If anyone is interested in a study partner for the Psychology course, please let me know.


I am interested. You can create a learning platform group and share it link here, or write you number down so I can get in touch. Thanks

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Hi, Bhoomika is interested, can you share more details on this if possible.

Devyn Sauer

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Hey Bhoomika and fellow coursemates
My name is Harshit. I am from India as well. Just starting this course today, I don’t have any formal education in psychology or plan to join any college. I am just taking up this course because I am interested in the subject. I would love to connect with people with similar interests.


This is interesting, kindly drop your WhatsApp number let get started.

This is interesting, kindly drop your WhatsApp number let get started

Hi dear im new to this course and i want to start and i would need help so im interested to study with a partner or a group :pray:t2:

Hey bhoomika lets connect, let me know your mail id or whatsapp number to connect with you ASAP

hello harshit, do let me know how can we connect bub and start with the course together.

Hello I guys, I think whoever which to participate should just drop his/her WhatsApp number from there he/she will be opportune to meet with the most appropriate learning partner.

Hey, my name is Eman and I am a third year psychology student, i’m interested to study with a partner or a group.


Hi, please email me on [email protected] and we can start the course.

Hello Muskan please email me on [email protected]

You can contact me at [email protected].

Hey , I’m Saloni . I’m new to psychology…no basic prior knowledge… searching for a study partner…you can reach me here.:slightly_smiling_face:
[email protected]

Hi I am Stephen I am new here and I really need a study partner this is my email [email protected]

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Hello reader,
My name is Dhananjay Porwal, an engineer from India. If anyone interested in a study partner for “Operating System” course, you can find me here

Telegram: dporwal214
Linkedin: Dhananjay Porwal
Instagram: porwal.exe

Sup! My name’s Aymen and i am searching for a study partner you can openly tell me

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Hi. I joined the course on on psychology and I’ll love to have a study partner. We could do whatspp

Hi. I’m interested in the study group.