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Requesting For Study partner

Hi My name is Abdul-Quadri. Am a student psychology I need study partner in the field. Thanks


Hello what college year are you right now ? I’m also studying Psychology, I’m a 2nd year college student :smile:


I just finished my second year few days back, now preparing for third your. It will be great to have pear learning with you.

Im Nushra from Sri Lanka
I’m new to saylor academy
I love to learn psychology
It would be more useful and easy if I get a study partner


Nice meeting you @nushra.

i am intrested

Wao that’s good let me have your WhatsApp num.


It is +1

Sure, I think it will make things interesting

Sorry for replying you lately. You can drop your WhatsApp num and let connect or better way you can email me the number to make it private. Thanks

Iam Pierre CLAVER
Year one student and I will love to join you in your study .
My whatupp number is +250788698973

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hi nushra I am very much interested in studying psychology with you. it will be fun and discovery I guess.

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Hi, great minds. I am open to a study partner in psychology. two heads are better than one “African proverb”


This is interesting, kindly drop your WhatsApp number let get started. Nice meeting you.

I am Tehzeeb from Pakistan
I am reading a Pdf of saylor organization and I am loving it
It would be more useful and interesting if i get a study partner like you

08161863561 that’s my WhatsApp number message me and let connect with other interested students.
Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi

Hi Nushra… I’m also from Sri Lanka. I would love to join with you.

Am from Tanzania, it is my great pleasure to join you in this platform for betterment of our lives, I would like to join all of you to share knowledge on psychology especially on the PSYCH101.


Just enrolled for the Psychology 101

I’m Steven from Nigeria. I’d like a study partner.