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RWM102 Answer Key Errors - Log
11.5^7/5^3=5^4. The answer key says 1/5^4.
16. Sorry, can’t copy and paste, and trying to write out fractions and exponents through just typing is confusing! I got 16a^8 b^4, but key says b^4/16a^8.
18. I got 64a^2 b. Key : 4/a^10 b^13.
22. Me: 5y^4 x^4/4. Key: 5x^4/4y^4.
23. Me: x^6 y^6. Key: x^6/y^6.
24. Me: 15a^3 b/4. Key: 15a^3/4b^7.
Hope this makes sense. And hopefully I did my calculations correctly!


These all appear to be correct to me and our answer key is not correct (either outdated or in error).

The answer key given by CK-12 (Chapter_08, second file from the bottom) gives the correct answers for the identified problems.

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Sir please tell me about mathematic subjects. I couldn’t understand MA_001,Ma_0002 what all that.