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Saylor Direct college credit

I am a young Tunisian, I am 24 years old.
I have a certificate of professional technician in IT management, it is a high school professional diploma here in Tunisia.I would like to continue my studies online via Saylor Academy and I would like that my certificate will be approved by one of the universities in the United States.So I would like to apply for university and get a Saylor direct college credit.
Can you help me with that and tell me the procedures to follow please ?
And as a foreign do i have the right to get the college credit ? and where i have to pass the exams ?
Thank you

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Are you able to make a proctoru account because an in person proctor was nearly impossible to achieve before all the Covid19 restrictions.

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Hello Markwney
I dont know how to make the proctoru account and i would like to know if i’am able to do that from Tunisia and pass the exam here in Tunisia ?
Also do i have to pass the exams this year or the next one? because I havent started studying yet.
Can you please explain the concept more clearly to me.

Thank you


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Sorry, i’m totally discovering the concept of direct college credit and as a tunisian, I’am new to this concept and i really need support to understand.
Best regards

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ProctorU - The Leading Proctoring Solution for Online Exams

Go to the above sight and select sign up
And create an account
Tunisia was listed under countries

You can chat with Proctoru support there is no Support for Saylor Academy in my experience

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I am not happy as I am trying to take my proctored exams as I need the credits but I think my emails are being ignored, I have applied two proctors one of which was declined and I have no idea if my second is approved or not, it has been more than two weeks now and I still have no idea what is happening, I can’t afford proctorU