Saylor Exam Preparation

Hello! Many of you are getting ready to take final exams here at Saylor and I wanted to start a conversation around succeeding on the final exams, both the standard certificate exams and the college credit exams.

Here is a short reading resource on exam preparation generally that might be of help depending on your learning style:

For those that have passed a Saylor exam, please share any study methods that have worked for you!


Given my long commute I used audio books such as Baron’s and Vango on Audible. I also used Dreamvoice to listen to open source text books. I found the quizzes to be very valuable too.


Great information! Thank you @Jeff_Davidson :smile:


Thank you


thank you
It very helpful .

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i need some example of exam final to be good vision abnout exam final

How can I schedule to take the credit exam? I get confirmation that the exam was scheduled yet my proctor never seems to have anything in her email

Awesome. Thanks for the advice.

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Is anyone from Nigeria here?