Saylor has the most confusing , worst organized Interface for an Online class , why?

Interface is really bad , confusing ,and hard to keep track of, why ? Can I send you a link to some good Interface for an online class that other schools use ?

Also , this Interface forces you to have panes that you do not need to use opened , taking a good chunk of the screen, and reducing the actual course reading material or a small portion of the screen that you cannot adjust.

why is the website confusing you? are you new here? i would highly suggest that you look around the website you’ll find it quick easily. how to keep track of your course or where you are at is quite simple. let me show you quickly via single screenshot, as you know that your course is on your dashboard that’s where all your most recent enrolled courses are. so if you are confused how to keep track your course you will see in the screenshotDashboard _ Saylor Academy.pdf (126.6 KB) Capture%20image as you see i provided you with my personal dashboard (PDF) and one of my courses progress report or section to show you where you are in the course, as you can see i skipped a lot of modules and failed an exam (red square).i hope this helps a little bit if not contact jeff or sean for extra guidance. please make sure that you look at the website properly before you get yourself into a tighter knot. best of luck


I have a couple ideas that might help with getting the main content area sized the way you want.

First, try using the menu button (top left) to show or hide or the left sidebar – the main content area should resize to take up the space, and you can experiment with making your browser window wider or narrower to get your preferred size.

Second, try making the window narrower, with or without the left sidebar open – when the window is narrow enough, all the content in the right sidebar will be send to the bottom of the page.

Third, and this suggestion is really more about finding the right number of words per line to make reading more comfortable, try different zoom levels. In most browsers, pressing control (or command on a Mac) and then + or - will zoom in/out. control and 0 (i.e. zero) will set the zoom back to 100%.


thanks sean, your demonstration is way better than mine lol. All I can say is at least I tried

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