Saylor Partners with Western Governors University

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Western Governors University, a nonprofit university offering convenient, flexible and affordable education online, and Saylor Academy have established a credit transfer agreement whereby select Saylor Academy courses, passed with a proctored exam, will satisfy corresponding competency equivalencies in several WGU degree programs across multiple disciplines.

For several of these degree programs, students can transfer more than a full year of tuition-free college credits from Saylor Academy that align to WGU’s award winning “competency based education” degree model. The program also applies to each of WGU’s state partnership universities: WGU Tennessee, WGU Nevada, WGU Indiana, WGU Missouri, WGU Washington & WGU Texas.

Learn more about credit transfer opportunities to WGU and review the competency equivalencies here:


Hello Saylor team,

There is a link at the end of this blog post - located at - and also at the the end of the initial message of this Discourse forum topic - [EDIT:] Saylor Partners with Western Governors University - that points to

By going to I am getting a “404” (Not Found) web page / error message (“We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page you were looking for. It could be temporary; then again, maybe we broke something. In the meantime, try one of these options:”).

Could you check this, please?

Thanks – this is probably the best page to replace it:

WGU’s page is linked from there and goes into much more detail re: courses/programs:

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Hi @sean,

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: After you posted your reply, I noticed that, in the blog post - - the link located at the end of that blog post:

In this Discourse forum post - Saylor Partners with Western Governors University - the link at the end:

Sean: Could you check this again, please?

Well, you’ve helped me discover the downside of using relative links (/partner-schools/...) in posts that get sent over to Discourse verbatim.

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Hi @sean ,

I see that you fixed every link now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Let me take this opportunity to add the following remark (not for you, Sean, but for others that may be reading this topic): my messages in this topic may have given the impression that I have some affiliation with WGU (Western Governors University), but that’s NOT the case. Both Degrees that I completed were in Portuguese Universities.

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