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Security password

i use password to secure my files in my computer
specially word and excel files

and i sent my file with email to my another email account for backup
not any files, just some my important files
i can open any time any where even not with my own computer

Have you tried a password manager like Keepass? I lets you create a unique passphrase for each site you visit. You can also use Protonmail for secure mesages. A protonmail sent to a proton email automatically encrypts the email with PGP. You can also give your publig PGP key to others and if they are technical enough they can encrypt the passphrase and send the PGP message using regular email like gmail.

Hi @budi,
It is great you play security into your personal files.
My suggestion to you is to ask yourself if this practice is necessary. If it is, maybe you should consider encrypting the whole file and running programmed backups with your OS into an encrypted external hardrive and avoiding the unnecessary safety/privacy exposure of your files while in transit to your other emails.