Security Triad

The security triad or the CIA.
C- Confidentiality, it means that only the people with authorization can access these information.

I- Integrity, it means that the information given has not been altered with.

A- Availability, means that the information given can be accessed any time by authorized people.


The security triad are three methods that can assist in protecting data. The security triad includes confidentiality, integrity and availability. In terms of data protection it important that certain information remain confidential. Meaning that the information is not disclosed to outside parties. Confidentiality also deals with the legal and moral responsibility of keeping data protected. An example of confidentially would be patient health records. The integrity aspect of the security triad ensures that the data being kept is maintained in a way that is trustworthy. Technology users should feel confident that data in the past will remain trustworthy in the future. The availability aspect of the security triad relates to the data being available when it is needed. Can everyone access the data? A example of this would be disaster recovery efforts. Will data be available and be able to be recovered in the case of a catastrophic event.

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Confidentiality -Measures taken to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong people, by making sure that only authorized people can access it.This can be achieved through data encryption.
Integrity- Data should remain the same during over its entire life cycle so it have to be accurate all the time
Availability- data should be available to all those who require it so its important to make sure all the computer systems are up and running all the time

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