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SHORT WRITING EXERCISE Customer Service Skillsets UNIT3

If were.the manager of customer service department orienting new employees on the best practices in telephone a d computer communications,as well as team work effectiveness and personal development. Based on this unit reading the key suggestions I would offer to help to my new employees be effective in their positions are the following:


I will advise my new employees to be brief and focus on key points when interacting with customers through e-mail and other electronic communications platform.

I will further advice them to use template copy where possible because this copy through trial and error may be cleaned up of possible ambiguities and field tested for effectiveness.

Lastly I will request them to always pause for a little time before sending or posting messages and double check for errors.


At this orientation session on telephone communication , I will advise my new employees to always be polite, friendly and maintain professional ethics whenever they are interacting with customers over the phone.

At this session , I will advise my new employees to threat all customers with respect irrespective of their background , cultural and religion. I will further request them to always listen to customer and emphatise with their issues and partner with customers to find suitable solution to their problems.


At this team work effectiveness orientation session , I will request my new employees to work in collaboration. I will be honest to them and tell them that working on a team never be easy . I will take the opportunity to encourage theim to always work in collaboration for the best interests of the team, and resolve problems and conflicts in partnership as a team.