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(SOLVED)CS101 FAILS TO OPEN the NetBeans dmg

im on a macbook pro with OS Sierra 10.12.3

i just downloaded the NetBeans dmg and when i double click on it, it opens the installer icon on my dock but the installers GUI doesn’t open the dialog box in which i can make the installation.


does anyone know an installer for my mac version? shall i try a different compiler??

thank you


i just solved it by downloading the NetBeans Java EE which has only one major difference to Java SE that is, it can also create and compile HTML5 and a few others i ran through unit 1.3 very smoothly

see ya!


Thanks for the update. That part of the course (i.e. downloading/running an IDE or Java) can be a bottleneck and one we’ll have to keep an eye on, because things change so quickly.

It sounds like you wound up with a more robust solution in Java EE.

To all: if others have difficulties or feedback for this part of CS101, we’d love to hear it.


yes i spent a week or so figuring out why my system, and that wasn’t probably even necessary, but yes maybe for the future when i start coding in formal html5 and java script will i need this package, so it’s good have it already.
thank you so much for this forum

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also i noticed a special fact now that i look back to it from my terminal perpesctive

i downloaded the Java version that was the last by the time i was doing the course and as specified by the steps on what gets installed it expected to be 64 Bit User but instead it prints me the actual side of it and it is a server i don’t know if it is treating me as a server or a user; or is it determining that the type of installation is user or server based, in any case i believe that could probably interfere with the other version of NetBeans and if it doesn’t then it might just be the fact that updates and upgrades to packages happen to many times a month


I get something similar on my work laptop, just different version numbers…I have no memory of what Java I installed or when :confused:

According to Oracle (:link:):

Are both -client and -server VM modes available in 64-bit Java?

Currently only the Java HotSpot Server VM supports 64-bit operation, and the -server option is implicit with the use of -d64. This is subject to change in a future release.

I suppose everything will either work, or not!

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Hi andres, where online did you find this to download? Did it serve you well for the rest of CS101? how did it go, did you complete the course?