Strategic Planning

Continuing the discussion from PRSM107 Crisis Communication General:

  1. Using a company you are familiar with, develop a strategic plan as described in the Exploring Business text in this subunit. Use the bulleted list under the “Develop a Strategic Plan” section as a check list for the items you should include in your plan: a mission statement, core values, SWOT analysis, goals and objectives, and tactical and operational plans.


  1. Mission: ‘We build families for children in need, We help them shape their own future, we share in the development of their communities’
  2. Core Values
  3. SWOT Analysis
  • Qualified staff for programmes
  • Modern ediface to house children for programme
    *Location of ediface in 4 regions in the country.
    *Strong brand image

*Lack of motivation among employees
*Inability of organization to build on staff competence through local and external training
*Low commitment towards branding
*Low employee turn out

*Corporate and institutional CSR focusing on support for underprivileged children
*Shift from institutionalization to alternative care for children and the willingness of corporate organizations to partner this new trend

*Proliferation of child welfare organizations in the country
*Public perception of the organization as rich and not in need of support affects fundraising efforts
*Undercover investigation into other orphanages and the exposure of misdeeds in these institution has affected the trust of the public in donating to Child Welfare organizations
*Decline in fundraising opportunities with corporate organizations due to merging of banks and revoking of license for some financial institutions.

Goals and Objectives
Goal 1:Achieve successful integration of children under care into communities under Alternative Care
Obj 1:Move 2 families from each project location into communities and access the growth of these families over a one year period
Goal 2: Support about 50% of caregivers in programme locations under the Family Strengthening programe to become self-reliant and prevent children from losing parental care
Obj 2: Recruit 2,000 families in each each programme location to benefit from income generating workshops and start up business for successful candidate within 2 years
Goal 3:Achieve quality care for children under alternative care
Obj 3: Recruit and train 200 caregivers and foster parents on care, child’s right and child safeguarding

Tactical and Operational Plan
Tactical plan : Successful integration of children into communities
Operational plan: Groom foster parents in communities to receive children by March 2020
Evaluate 2 families in each location prior to the integration process by May 2020
Integrate children in community under care of foster parents by July 2020
Consider a community school to enroll children by August 2020
Enroll children in school by September 2020
Conduct mid-term assessment of performance and progress of the alternative care programme with families by July 2021