Strategy to build my vocabulary

For me, the best strategy to build my vocabulary is by reading more, using diactionary , and listning english musics or concersartions.

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The best strategy for me to build my vocabulary is by:
-Reading novels
-Listening to music
-Watching movies
-looking for definitions of some difficult words and trying to remember their meanings


I always try to speak with my frinds from United States because they don’t speak Spanish, also watch movies , listen music and read

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i m agree with you

The best strategy to build or improve my english it’s listen first to the phrase and watch series and drama or films or cartoons film in english with subtitles and i listen to music with lyrics and repetitive with music to have good accents and to can easily speak good and then i start read short story and point in my book the word i don’t know what is mean and start step by step i write and i download social applications to get know a new people and talk with them that’s all

Cover to cover of newspaper words unfamiliar in spelling or meaning written down. Then researched with dictionary. Follow up with writing meaning is best for recognizing in future.