Student Identification number

curious to know. do we get a student identification with the saylor academy? if so i am curious to know what my student ID number is.

We don’t have an official student ID number (maybe in the future). In practice, we rely on email address to be a unique, if changeable, account ID. Each account does have a unique numerical id that shows up in the URL when you view your profile, but we don’t currently use that in an official, public way.

I realize you’re expressing curiosity, but what thoughts do you have about a student ID?

is that a 4 digit number or higher? i am curious that’s all

as they “curiosity killed the cat”

Hi @nadinelynch2600,

At least in my case, the unique numerical ID that shows up in the URL when I view my profile, is indeed a 4 digits number. If you go to and hover the mouse over your display picture, you’ll see an hyperlink to a URL of the form (where “a”, “b”, “c” and “d” are digits of a number). I’m guessing that number is the numerical ID that @sean (Sean Connor - Director of Student Affairs at Saylor Academy) has mentioned in his post - Student Identification number - in this same topic.

Having said that - and given that @sean also explained here that Saylor doesn’t currently use that numerical ID in an official, public way - I’m guessing that numerical ID is not very relevant for us (students).