Study Tips For BIO307: Microbiology


In preparing to begin studying for this exam I see that there are no practice tests and I would love to get some advice on the best way to study for this. What should I expect and how in depth should I study?



There are no unit quizzes for this course, unfortunately, which would usually be my first recommendation.

I guess an initial question is this: what are you looking to do with this course? Are you using it as part of StraighterLine (i.e. for possible college credit through SL’s exam)?

To respond more directly to your questions, though, you can expect 50 multiple choice questions, 4 options for each, over 2 hours. Each question should relate specifically to a course and unit-level learning outcome.

This offers up a bit more detail:

I’m happy to field any questions!


Thank you so much for your feedback.

I am taking this course for the credits to transfer to TESU. I guess my question is more about are there study guidelines for this exam? I want to be able to gauge how in depth I study certain topics since there seems to be no guidelines?

Thank you!


IN preparing to study for this. There is no quizzes for this course. I work well with quizzes, could you make some. Also how much months will it take to finish this course?


This reply is too late, maybe, but I would recommend taking our regular, non-credit final exam and using that to direct your study. I have not seen the StraighterLine credit exam, though – other than the course itself, though, we do not have a study guide for the SL exam.

This course is meant to be like a full one-semester course (maybe 3 months or so with a few hours per week of study), although you can work at your own pace. How long you take will depend a lot on your comfort with the material, the time you can give to study, etc. We will add quizzes to each of our courses and we make major updates, but it will likely be some time before we have added quizzes to this course.


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