Suggestion for all englsih composition courses

i would like to see more textbook-like pdf files for downloads and use for homework or offline studies (for when you have no power or internet connections) i think the textbook type file is useful for many things such as homework, study when you can’t go online.

how can i suggest this to the members of saylor academy? i think my suggestion is a good one, what do you all think? would it be easier to have a downloadable form of the course materials?

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Hi @nadinelynch2600 :slight_smile:

( Usual Disclaimer: I do NOT work at/for Saylor. I’m just another student here ).

If you want to “alert” members of the Saylor Academy here in Saylor’s Discourse-based discussion forums, you may try to write a forum post and, in the text of that forum message of yours, mention the usernames that Saylor’s staff members use here in the forums, by preceding those usernames by the “@” (“at”) sign (I know that “Jeff Davidson” - Execute Director - is @Jeff_Davidson ; that “Sean Connor” - Director of Student Affairs - is @sean and that “John Azinheira” - Director of Technology - is @jazinheira).

Alternatively - and according to quickest way to get in touch with our staff is by email at [email protected]. You can also use this form [ FORM ]”

Regarding your suggestion (to have more textbook-like PDF files to download for offline study), the following web pages may be useful (if you don’t know about those already):

The following Discussion topic here in the forums also seems to be relevant, although it is quite old (that topic was started on February 2015):

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

TRY to film the courses by your phone Cam.then you will return to it