Take the Certificate Final Exam [HC]

:information_source: This article will help you to find and complete your final exam.

To complete your course and earn your certificate, you will need to pass the Certificate Final Exam found at the end of the course.

You can take your exam at any time – before you start your course, in the middle of your course, or even without taking the course at all.

Good to know

  • You can take the final exam whenever you are ready.
  • The Certificate Final Exam is different from the Saylor Direct Credit final exam found in some courses. To earn your certificate of completion, you only need to complete the first one.

How to take (write) your final exam

  1. Find the Certificate Final Exam section on the main page of your course, at or near the end of the page.

  2. Read the information about the final exam and then click on the final exam link.

  3. On the next page, read the details about the exam and then click the Attempt quiz now button.

  4. On the pop-up, read through the code of conduct details and check (tick) the box beside the words, “I have read and agree to the above statement.”

    If you are asked to enter a password at this point, you are viewing the Saylor Direct Credit final exam. Go back to the course and find the Certificate Final Exam section instead.

    At this point, you can still back out of the exam and return later. Once you complete step 5 below, your exam will begin.

  5. When you are ready, click the Start attempt button to open the exam.

    Your exam will automatically submit after two hours, even if you leave the page.

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  • Because you can take the certificate final exam as many times as you want, we recommend trying it early in your study to discover what topics you might need to focus on.

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When you attempt an exam and have to retake the exam it seems as if the questions get longer and harder is this true? Does the exam bank send a harder exam each time you have to do a re-take?

Does the exam bank send a harder exam each time you have to do a re-take?

Not by design. Typically, for each course learning outcome, there are a certain number of questions in the exam bank, and the system randomly selects one of them when the attempt is created.

One possibility, to be sure, is that chance variation could give a particular random set of questions that is (or feels) longer or more difficult than another random set.