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The Camera Here a Photo, There A Photo


I don’t always take pictures, but when indo, i do with my iphone! so happy to finally have one just because of the clearness and quick uploading and phot to app cohesion. And Its hard to get my composition down, but indo plan on considering it more than i do. I suppose the idea with the camera as an artform is to create the expression, story, or message. i definitely can use this in the future. It adds a whole new appreciation for the camera as an artform and my care for photos i produce. Who knows how i can expand how i use this photo of my craft works now?


Photos are a wonderful art form which has become more universally available with out modern technologies. Yet for many, it is just used to capture a moment, or people goofing around. As one recognizes the art form of photography even on cell phone cameras, one learns to find more ways to capture nature, capture candids, and create opportunities for self-expression. One of my art teacher’s experiments with the use of acrylic paint or various wash effects added to photos he has taken and printed out. Collage is another great way to work with prints of pictures. So it could be interesting to explore. As I said that, I just had an interesting idea of making a 3-D Collage sculpture of the letter E made with pictures, kind of like a patchwork quilt in 3-D. Now I will have to try that shape! LOL