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The CIA Information Security Triad

In a brief paragraph, describe how you apply these components in some areas of your work life or personal life. For example, if you work at a bank, you might consider how you maintain confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility for one kind of data. Of course, be sure not to share confidential data in your post!

Answer: Working as a teller many years ago, I was able to apply these components on a day to day basis. I maintained confidentiality by being able to see customer’s bank accounts and information and being able to keep it confident between me and the customer only. For intergrity, doing what is right when no one is looking by being responsible to count my draw before my shift and after my shift and making sure the correct amount was in my draw. Lastly, availabilty would come when I was allow to access a customer’s account information when the person is infront of me allowing me to look into their account.