The Socratic Method

 While everyone with a thoughtful, questioning mind may use the Socratic method to some degree, there are certain professions that employ it continuously.  Why are teachers, legal scholars, and medical practitioners so apt to use Socrates' method of dismantling arguments?  In each of these professions, there is truth that needs a veil torn back so that reality can be examined.  These professionals need the truth to surface from a mixed bag of ideas; that will not happen without taking apart the perceived knowledge on a given topic.  Once biases and preconceived notions are stripped away, the search for fundamental truth can begin.  Teachers need their students to grow in critical thinking rather than being spoon-fed facts, and so they use the Socratic method to help pupils think for themselves and arrive at reasoned conclusions from the ground up.  Legal scholars have a vested interest in comprehending the straight truth and evidence behind appearances and so they keep the Socratic method in their toolkit.  Medical practitioners must discover the root problem in every medical dilemma, and Socrates' model helps them achieve this.  To gaze on the purity of truth, all these professions must actively strip away the rust and grime that clusters on any idea; the Socratic method does just that.