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The World is Flat 3.0 Discussion

  • Which of the “flatteners” do you think is having the biggest impact today?
  • What other concepts from the video stood out to you as important?

I think that the “in-forming” flatteners has biggest impact today. It is more of “how” people are using the information instead of people searching fror informationn that is most affecting.

Something that Mr. Friedman pointed out in the video that stood out as important to me that he said was “Whatever can be done, will be done.” He tells the story of when his wife and him traveled to Peru and one of his friends was selling Peruvian dishware. He was checking to see if he could get his dishes cheaper in China. If he doesn’t do it, then the neighborhood beside him would probably do it. He brings the point that whatever can be done, will be done. It is possible as long as you do your research, ask, and take actions.

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