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Time and Stress Management pt2

For Unit 1, I did not surpass the 5 hour completion, in fact I was well under 3 hours. The reason for this, I believe, was that I was in a controlled environment and there weren’t that many distractions around me. My music was kept to a minimum, and I had made sure that I stayed away from my phone unless it was necessary. Yes, I was aware of and experienced with having time management practices, which made it very smooth when transitioning to Unit 2. Since Unit 2 was more video based, I didn’t listen to much of my own music so all distractions were simply booted from my point of view.

As for my Pomodoro technique, I have a hard time with stepping away from my work, and then going back to it doesn’t help with my train of thought. Personally, I find it a lot easier to sit down and do everything at once (with a cup of coffee), and although that may not work for some people, it’s the best option for me. I like the feeling of accomplishing something in one sit-down, which is great for my mental health. Although the idea is a great one, and can be beneficial for most, it’s not my preferred style of working.

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