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Time and stress management skills task 2.1

This is task 2.1, of Unit 2 part 2. This one is all about my POMODORO technique in studying that I did. Using the “HOW CAN A TOMATO HELP YOU STOP PROCRASTINATING”, I tried out their 25 minute, 5 minute break routine. During that time, I realized my productivity levels had gone up and I was able to do things much faster because the short breaks felt like a reward to me. I prioritized the 25 minute sessions a lot because I knew that at the end of the day, through those working moments that I did, I would feel proud and feel like the 5 minute breaks were a reward for working hard. My other priorities were that I make sure I have no distractions and to save them for my free time and such and to always stick to the plan.
I hope you enjoy reading this and if you’ve got any feedback on how I can improve my pomodoro, please send them soon through the reply section and I’ll work on them. Byeee :wave: