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Time and stress management skills task 2

This is my task for unit 2, part one where I have to write a review of how many hours I spent on this unit and it its 4 subunits. I spent more than 5 hours doing the unit because firstly, I had network problems, secondly due to my country’s electricity situation, I faced a lot of blackouts and wasn’t able to finish all the units on time and thirdly, I have chores that I have to do at home a lot and that takes up some of my Saylor time. At the time I was doing this assignment, I did know a little about time management and even the pomodoro technique. I did end up facing some distractions as at some point, I felt the videos were pretty long and boring ( Sorry. Got to be honest here :sweat_smile:) And that is what I believe to have been some of the reasons as to why I took pretty long on this unit.
Hope you enjoy reading this and I hope to hear your feedbacks on this soon in the reply section. Byeeee

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