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Time and stress management skills task

This is a given task in the course that I had to do. The following tasks I did on that I’m about to finish soon and that I’d like to discuss them with others .

BTW, I did this one last week on paper as I didn’t know how to use this forum. The rest were also done on paper but after learning how to do them, I’m going to use the same on this post discussion.
** Wake up at 06:30*
** Make your bed and prepare for the day at 06:45*
** Have breakfast at 07:30*
** Be seated at your desk by 08:00 to continue yesterday’s work*
** Give yourself a break at 11:30 to prepare for lunch*
** Social media time/Family time/Resting at 12:30 *
** Visit the market to go buy vegetables for dinner at 13:45*
** Start preparing dinner’s relish at 14:45. Also remind your sister she’s the one making dinner today*
** Clean the house at 16:15 as written on the duty Rota*
** Go back to studying and doing Saylor tasks at 17:30*
** Social media time at 19:30. Can also eat dinner then*
** Get ready for bed at 20:30*
** Be asleep by 21:00*

Now for this, since I started my task quite late and as I also started it on paper, I recently put it on Any.Do and I’m still experimenting which is why you may wonder that some of the days are not yet ticked.

So these are the lists for Unit 1 task and I’m hoping we can discuss on the forum and see ways in how my list could be improved. Thank you