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Time and stress management- unit 2

For my time and stress management course, I was asked to log how much time my unit took and try out the Pomodoro method of time management. The Pomodoro method is to set a timer for a set amount of time and to stay focused on one task for that entire time then to take a small break.

It took me a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes to finish this entire unit and each task assigned with it. I did it in less than 5 hours but not by much. I believe it took me close to 5 hours because I spent a lot of time in each subunit relating the information to my personal life. I am someone who has always tried to keep my time and tasks organized. I have always written down every task, assignment, and event but my writing was not completely organized. My biggest distraction during this was me searching the App Store for the best to-do list or calendar apps. I am a working student who owns their own house so I needed an app with a variety of list options, and calendars to fit my life. I chose the app duo of Actions and Timepage. Timepage is more of an event planner and the Actions app is a list-oriented task planner. Would recommend using both of them!

Part 2

I have always been most productive in the morning. My most productive time is between 8:00 am- 1:00 pm. Today I tried the Pomodoro method while finishing an essay assignment. I decided to search the App Store for a more motivational timer app. I found one called Flora that you can watch a plant grow on your phone and if you stop the timer or go out of the app then it fake kills that plant. This app motivated me to stay off my phone because I of course did not want to kill the plant. I set the timer for 25 minutes and began writing. After my five minute break I decided to change my timer to 45 minutes. I felt that 25 minutes was too short of time because it would go off as soon as I would get really into the writing. 25 minutes was also not long enough for me to get as much work as I would like done. 45 minutes worked much better because at about 40 minutes I started to get antsy. I was happy with the amount of work I got done after 45 minutes.

Let me know of any apps that you use to stay organized or focused!


I part to I spend about 4.30 hours to listening all the sub unit and when it comes to Pomodoro methods I find try to use mobile timer to set up my activity using estimated time for completion, its stressful because of distraction however I keep motivated myself to try again and it works. I find it very useful to spend more time to write done my task and keep time running accordingly.

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Hello my name is Tina Curry. I live in, New Jersey City, New Jersey. I began this class May 21,2020 and today is May 22, 2020.
With Unit 2 It took more than 5 hours because I took a few breaks and I took a nap.
I enjoyed unit two because learning how to control stress is very important for me because I need to stay focused and it’s healthy.

This is Tina Curry replying
I prioritize my time by taking 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes. I have 2 daughters in the home. I also utilized my time for 2 hours because I went to sleep. The Promodoro technique is helpful and I need to apply it at work and school.

Very very encouraging list. Thank you so much for the great ideas.

Part 1: Look at your time log for Unit 2. How much time did you spend on each of the four subunits in this unit?

The subunits took about 4.5 hours for me to complete with and that is including having to re-read or further examine some sections. Unit 2 subunits took about 1.5 hours to complete with additional replay of videos along with materials. I spent a lot of time just gather new information related to stress and time management along with retaining the course materials.

Part 2: Find your Pomodoro technique time. Write about what your productivity using this technique. Examine your priorities and the stressors associated with those priorities. Write down what you prioritized and why.

The overall technique is great for breaking up your time and not having to sit within a long block of time which is my usual way of completing my work. Breaking up the time was difficult due to not feeling like I had put in the “work” required to complete. It sounds like I have equated all forms of work to “feeling intense” which is common to someone who is considered to be a work around the clock kind of person. Taking breaks is something I am not use to due to the mind set of “working until the task is complete.” This is a new concept and will take time to implement holistically.