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Times stress management

As my experience in this course time stress management I find it beneficial for me to manage my time and avoid stress.As in the unit 2,I spend less then 5 hours because I have some knowledge about this step so that,I don’t need to spend much time in this unit.


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was really informative and I got to know many new things. It took me less than 5 hrs to complete second part because as a psychologist I already knew many things about stress.


I have a smilar experience. Mine took about 4 hours.

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I’m somewhat enjoying this course. This unit 2 took me less than 5 hours as well. I knew most of it. I disagreed with a lot of it. Particularly the multitasking part. I am a to-do list queen!!

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As far as my experience went in the u2,i believe I spent less time than 4 hours,Because I had a prior knowledge of time management,I had already taken a course on it.And I also had detailed ideas on stress,though managing the stress part helped me,so next time I am stressed,I am definetly gonna use the techniques,as the doctor ordered.
Now talking about any unusal distractions I faced during the time I wa studying the materials in Unit 2 that caused me to spend more than 5 hours in this unit,zi believe woulld primarily be my smartphone,and the fact that I was very much tired,so that came in the way of me focusing,and kept me distracted.

my pomodoro technique time is being productive for 25 min like studying and then taking a break of 5 to 6 minutes.When I have many projects and studying to do,I usually do 50 minutes studying and 10 minute break.
I only prioritize learning,seeking knowledge along with getting good grades,making my parents proud,and most importanly self growth.