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To excel in business, master business information systems

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Management Information Systems. Don’t let the name fool you! Whether or not you are in management, you are already familiar with the topic – after all, you are most likely reading this post on the web using a computer or smartphone.

But what is Management Information Systems (MIS)? Here is the definition that we use in our BUS206 course:

MIS represent a collection of technologies, people, and processes that manage the information and communication resources of an organization.

In many workplaces today, the technologies and processes involved include (mobile) phones, computers, productivity software, databases, intranets, inventory tracking, ordering, payments processing, scheduling – any communication or record-keeping that needs doing.

Increasingly, the people involved in MIS include everyone.

If you manage or own a business, understanding MIS will help you to optimize your operations and ensure that both staff and customers have the support they need to make the business successful.

If you are an employee, understanding MIS will give you skills that employers crave, tools to plan your career, and great insight into the workings of your organization.

Ready to learn?

If you want to master the intersection of business and technology – or even just be conversant with both – BUS206: Management Information Systems is for you.

This course has special study guides to help you ace the final exam and is built around a top-notch open textbook, Information Systems for Business and Beyond, by Dr. David Bourgeois.

You can start now. Enroll in BUS206 today to work toward your certificate of completion or even college credit at our partner schools.

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Skill in technology has always been an important business skill, whether that “technology” was clay tablets, arithmetic, an abacus, a typewriter or a bound ledger.

It’s no less important today, and probably more so. This course helps you get an overview of how the “technologies, people, and processes” work together.

MIS is the difference between knowing how to use some key business tech and knowing how to decide what tech you’ll want to master – no one can do it all, so whether you’re contributing to a business or running it, you’ll need to be able to make informed choices.

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