To introduce

Hello Everyone
My name is Olfa and I’m from Tunis (Tunisia). I speak arabic and french but little English. I want to speak with confidence and fluently English


Hi olfa. That is awesome…


Hello friends, it’s hala. I’m sixteen years old. l can speak Arabic, English and a littel Spanish, a littel French,too and i am learning German at the last days.


Hello Everyone
My name is Edgetu and I’m from Ethiopua. I speak Afan Oromo and English. I want to speak with confidence and fluently in English

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Hello Everyone
My name is Edgetu Takele and I’m from Ethiopia. I speak Amharic and french but little English. I want to speak with confidence and fluently English

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Hello, my name is Elvira. I live in Mexico. My native languages is Russian, I also speak Spanish.


Hi everyone
My name is Oluwatobiloba Afolashade
I’m a Nigerian
I speak English but I want to be more fluent

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Hi Olpha, this is awesome to be introduced with you.

Hi , my name is Amit kumar . I am an Indian , living in Uttar Pradesh . I completed my graduation in maths . I am interested to learn , write and speak English.

Bonjour, je suis Sowhalie, je suis haitienne. Je parle couramment le francais et le créole, j’apprend a parler l’anglais

Hello everyone, my name is Charllote from the Philippines and I’m 24 years old. I hope we can get along and learn from each other. I am also a fresh graduate having Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English as my course and still learning and enhancing my knowledge in English.

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Nice to meet you all!
My name is Su from Thailand.
I would like to improve my English skills from this free online course.
Very grateful for sharing free contents from this course to level up our english.

Hi guys!
it’s Manar, from Egypt. i can speak English to level c2 and Arabic flaunty

Hello every one Iam Mohammad Mobin Azizi Iam From Afghanistan

Hi Olfa.

It’s nice to meet you.

I’m Cat, and sadly, I speak only English (unless you count food words that I learned in Germany, counting to 10 in french, and that German song I learned in grade school: Mein Hut Der Hat Drei Ecken - My Hat It Has Three Corners:-).

Hello everyone, I’m Şeyma from Turkey. I can speak very little English and German.

my name is ahlem i am from algeria
My nationality is algerian i speak arabic and french and a little english

Hello everyone
My name is Swathi. My nationality is Indian. I can speak Hindi and English.

My name is mubarakah hassan, My nationality is Nigerian. I can speak english

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Hi I am Sudhanshu. I am here to learn new subjects.