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Track your course progress [HC]

:information_source: This article will help you to use the Course Progress feature on your enrolled courses.

:warning: Some features below are not found in the mobile app.

Tracking your course progress helps you stay motivated and return to where you left off in your last study session.

The Course Progress feature in our courses is an optional method to mark off completed activities in the course.

We sometimes refer to it as the “progress bar” or “course progress block”. It will look something like this example from ESL001:

Good to know

  • Using the Course Progress feature is entirely optional. You can complete a course at any time simply by passing the final exam. An incomplete course block does not prevent you from continuing in or finishing your course.
  • Most items in the progress bar are checked off manually. Some items, usually quizzes and exams, are checked off automatically upon completing or passing the activity.
  • For some courses, some items do not appear in the progress bar.

Using the Course Progress feature to track your course activity

Note: To use the progress bar, be sure that you are logged in to your account and enrolled in your course.

Marking your progress

  • When viewing a unit of your course, look for check boxes next to individual learning resources. A box with a solid border can be checked off manually. A box with a dashed border is checked off automatically when you complete or pass the activity.

  • For manual progress boxes, click on an empty box to mark that item complete. Clicking on a box again will mark the item incomplete. Refresh the page or navigate to a new page to update the progress bar. Completed activities will now appear green.

Navigating to activities

  • Move your cursor over a box in the progress bar for a description of that resource.

  • Click on the box itself or the link in the description to navigate to that resource.

  • Keep in mind that some activities might appear in the progress bar – so, while the progress bar is a useful shortcut to different parts of your course, it is not a complete replacement for navigation.


  • If you see the Course Progress bar but cannot find checkboxes, be sure to view a single unit at a time – checkboxes do not appear when viewing individual learning resources or the course as a whole.
  • If a quiz that you have finished is not marked complete, we may need to repair some settings. Please contact us, and remember that you can continue with your course – using the progress bar is optional.

See an example

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