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Try College 101 - Time Management

  1. What did you learn about how you manage your time right now? - I learned that I manage my time very effectively, I could spend a little bit more time with my friends and family, but I do pretty good with managing everything.
    a. How much time do you spend doing studying? - I study all throughout the day, with a few breaks here and there and then a few hour breaks a couple times a day
    b. Do you give yourself enough time to complete all your daily tasks? - Definitely
    c. What are your strengths? - I think my strengths are knowing when I really need to study and getting it done.
  2. What changes would you like to make? - I want to be motivated all of the time with everything I do, not just with studying.
    a. What areas are you weakest in? - I’m weak in scheduling time for friends/family and interacting with people besides my boyfriend.
    b. Are you someone who traditionally doesn’t budget time? - I used to be, but since I’ve been getting older I’m a lot better about making sure that I don’t try to do too much in a short amount of time.
    c. Could you see making a time management strategy as being helpful? Why or why not? - I honestly believe it would be, if I would make a schedule for what I’m going to do throughout the day, I think I’d be a lot less stressed out and I’d make time for things other than studying and my boyfriend.
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