TryCollege 101 Essay for Unit 7 Assessment

#, Learning Outcomes of Try College 101 Course

When I started this course I didn’t have any idea what type of learner I was. In Chapter 1 of the College Success textbook it mentioned the different types of learners. Each individual has a learning style. Here are the eight types verbal, logical, visual, kinesthetic, rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist. I happen to be a visual learner which means I understand better if I see exactly what is expected of me. For example, using diagrams, Power Point slideshows and video podcast are some of the best ways for me to learn and remember the material.

Meanwhile, as I read further I got more intrigued on how college seem to have so many resources. If you have any sort of problem they have different offices and centers to assist you. Knowing you have that support system make you want to achieve the goal you are aiming for more. Here are some essential offices:

  1. Academic Advising Office - this office guide you to choose your courses and plan your program and degree. 2. Counseling Office - this office helps with personal problems,including health, stress management and interpersonal issues and much more. 3. Financial Aid Office - this office provides information on ways to pay for your education. 4. Tutoring or Skills Centers - this is a place where students can go for additional help for their courses.

Often we don’t have enough time in a day to do everything we want to.I have found it’s not true at all. This textbook has taught me how to manage my time effectively. Writing your goals and spacing them out will help you a whole lot, You think you can’t cut a few things short but you can. Limiting your time with friends, lessen your time on the computer and reduce your television watching are the most popular time consuming activities.

This course is teaching me how to plan to be a successful student. It is extremely important to be prepared for college. Preparation, dedication and organization are truly good qualities to inherit while in college. As for me I have been out of school for years and this course is very informable. Things have definitely changed a lot since I was in school. There are more resources to get you through college. My goal is to become an excellent student who will accomplish everything she puts her mind to. Furthermore, I am almost halfway through this course and I feel I can achieve anything.

Time Management and Scheduling

Time management is very important. It helps you stay more organized and can give you plan for the day, week, or even month. It can help us in the work place, in school, and in our regular lives. It can help us get good grades and maybe even better pay at our jobs.

If you have a schedule written down for the day, it might help you influence how much time you'll take on each “duty”1. For example, if you write down that you'll take thirty minutes to read three chapters in a book, you might find yourself reading more than three chapters, being almost done or actually done with the chapters by the time thirty minutes is up! This means that you might be able to move on to the next event sooner, on time, or a not much later than wanted or needed. It also gives you room to do more things in your day.

What can we do to help us with our time managing? Well, two things that can help us are: seeing the importance of the task and have a timer. Why do you need to fold the laundry? So you can have some clothes ready for work tomorrow. Why do I need to go to the store? To have food and drink and possibly save money. Also, if we have set time that we want to take during each task, we might get them done sooner.

As for helping us in our work, if the boss sees that you manage your time and work well and get it done, this could be potential for a raise or promotion. Not only that, it helps the company morale. 

As for me, though I may not do it like exactly like how they show in the book. I plan to make a schedule for myself and say when to start school and how long to take on each subject. During my days off of work, I'll probably have written down to start school at eight o'clock and this means I'll be done anywhere from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

In the end, time management is not the management of time.2? Though this we may like to think of it this way, time management is the discipline of yourself and knowing how to prioritize. 3 “The people who are happiest with the clock, are not people who watch it. They're people who work it; and they work it, because they manage their priorities.” (John Maxwell)3
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Though I understand what you are saying, I realized some grammatical errors with the essay. I will stick with one though. You say “Limiting your time with friends, lessen your time on the computer and reduce your television watching are the most popular time consuming activities.” at the end of paragraph 3. This sounds like “Limiting you time with friends, [etc.]…are…time consuming activities.” How you could say is: “spending time with friends, spending less time on the computer, and watching television are the most popular time consuming activities.”