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1.) How do the historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news? Please share some examples.
There are many ways PR has changed over the years. But, things like image control done through PR has been going on forever in politics. Granted, it was much easier back in the day before social media and even mass broadcasts for TV. It used to just take a phone call for a press release and that’s what was said. Now days there are paparazzi around every corner on the front end and a bunch of critics on the backend.
2.) How might the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign?
PR fits with this role because many products today have such competition, that much of their sales are based upon reputation. The faster a large company can stay ahead of the media in their campaign, the more they can control their brand awareness.
3.) How do you think developments in social media are impacting the field of public relations?
This is like a steam engine full of coal that you can’t slow down or stop. Social media is playing such a big part in public relations. There are ways to sell on social media, research products, and in many cases, review on social media. All of these things leave marketing campaigns as risk for poor growth due to reputation. Everything now, because of social media, is at our fingertips. A simple review of one unhappy customer may sway 100+ people in buying the same product. When before social media, very few forums were available to comment. You could possibly impacted back then by changing your barbers mind or reading something in a coffee shop.


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