Unit 1 Discussion COMM 41

  1. The historical foundations of public relations can apply to current day new is to stick with the core values of public relations, while using it through social media. Most companies have a profile on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Honestly, companies and their behavior on these platforms are handled very immaturely. With a proper PR system, with the knowledge set in place, I believe public relations can achieve great lengths by evolving.

  2. The role of public relations would fit within a longer marketing campaign by all sides working together to complete the common goal, which is to be successful. This involves all aspects of PR, marketing, sales and upper management. If everyone is willing to work together to reach the common goal while building trust and understanding within each other, a larger marketing campaign could be successful.

  3. I believe social media outlets has tried to replace the actions of what we know as public relations. However, with an open plan of communication, understanding and a solid method to successfully provide a product that pleases the consumers no matter what spectrum the economy lies, the overall goal which is to make a profit can be accomplished. Achieving this would include a respectable name in the field that comes up with successful public relations and marketing strategies to help contribute to the goal. In the end, these crucial assets could rebrand PR on social media rather having a harmful effect.

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