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Unit 1 Essay

Using the techniques you have reviewed in Unit 1, write an essay of five to seven paragraphs that answers this question:

"What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?"

 Hello everyone! It's Abraham here. This is my answer to the question: "what does it take to succeed in an internet based college course?"

  An online college course is a way to earn a degree by entering through the use of an Internet connected to computer rather than attending college, but what does it take to succeed in an Internet-based college course?  An Internet-based college course differs in many ways compared to going to college, for example: an online college gives students scheduling flexibility because the student does not have to go to a physical classroom during set times.  Instead, the student can study and take quizzes whenever is best for him. This also leads you to having an important part to succeed in an Internet-based college course: putting your mind to it, and doing your work when you don't want to.  If you just put it off over and over again, you are not going to get anything done. To get the most out of your course, you should set a time weekly, hourly, and or daily that you will work on it. 
  Another important role in succeeding is having good equipment. If you are not working with a computer that reaches your requirements and get you frustrated, you are not going to be able to stay focused, therefore you would get less done, this also means keeping all of your work organized. If the course you are taking costs money, be sure to pay your fee per month, week, or whenever, however your  paying agreement states. Most sites will get your card(s)  information and take that money directly from your account. However, if you do not pay your money you will most likely lose access to the course and all of your progress. 
  Online courses are no easier than going to college, and could actually be harder because you have to have a lot of self motivation because there is no less work in an online course then going to college. So, having self motivation is a very important part in succeeding in an online college course. You must also be willing to learn on your own and keep at it, if you have this mindset you are very likely to succeed in your course. 

Let me know what you think! Please give me feedback of what I could have done diferantly. Thank you!


what it takes to be successful in internet based course

a computer, smart mobile handset or tablet;

secure internet connection a

reasonably a good knowledge of computer

set aside study time to complete assignments

complete assignments at your convenience and time

some courses are free or cost less

know how to access, post, upload, download papers or documents

Distance Learning Currently, computers already play a prominent role in many aspects of our lives from personal works to education fields. The Internet can also be invaluable in linking people culturally and socially (Hacker & Capehart, 1999). Geographically and historically, most universities in the world offer distance learning to students through the Internet, and the distance learning is becoming a new trend of the 21st academy. In particular, computers will permit a degree of individualization-personalized

The major difference between an internet-based course and one presented in a traditional face to face environment is the physical isolation of the student. This isolation has a number of consequences. Firstly, there is less opportunity to get direct feedback to queries. In a lecture or seminar a student will, at least in principle, have the opportunity to seek immediate advice if they do not understand the material presented. In an online learning environment such contact will tend to be through discussion forums. Using such channels requires some confidence in communicating
via the internet.

Internet-based courses can offer a unique opportunity but do they also offer unique
challenges? Every college course whether taken on campus, by traditional distance
means challenges to any student whether they are just out of high school or an adult.

That is the nature of higher education. Distance study and especially
can make particular demands on students. Recognizing specific difficulties will allow students to identify their abilities or skills which will help them in the long.

Education is something that everyone has to do to succeed and one’s attitude towards school is the only way they will succeed. If a student has a negative attitude and is influenced too much by their surroundings it will be much harder for them succeed whereas a student who likes learning and developing their intelligence then it will be a much better experience for the student. The sooner a student realizes the type of student they are the better they will be at helping themselves succeed in school.

What Does it Take to Succeed in an Internet-Based College Course?

  1. Computer, mobile phone, or tabletA. Secure internet connection 1. Knowledge on how internet courses are conductedB. Time Management
  2. Make a study schedule and stick to it
  3. Track assignments and tests using a calendar.
  4. Dedication
    A. It is important for you to want to learn.
  5. Communicate with instructor and classmates by email or discussion forum.
  6. Motivation
    A. Stay motivated and remember why you are taking the online course.
Wow, you did a vary good job here! Keep up the good work! Read mine if you like, let me know what you think. Very nice job! 👍👍🤙

Web based courses can offer an interesting chance however do they additionally offer extraordinary difficulties? Each school course whether taken on grounds, by conventional separation implies or through a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), challenges the understudy scholastically. That is the idea of advanced education. Separation study and particularly

MOOCs, can make specific requests on understudies. Perceiving these particular troubles ought to enable us to distinguish the attributes or abilities which will help the understudy. The significant distinction between a web based course and one introduced in a customary vis-à-vis condition is the physical seclusion of the understudy. This disengagement has various results. Right off the bat, there is less chance to Where there are dynamic gatherings or other social diverts being used these can demonstration both to address issues of comprehension and to energize proceeded with cooperation. Normal finishing paces of 7% are normal (Jordan) with certain courses having less than 1% of enlisted understudies accomplishing authentications. Research proposes that that the individuals who are normally get to discussions are bound to proceed with their examinations (Koller et al). Indeed, even the individuals who are focused on a course and connect completely with the social viewpoints face one last issue; time the board. Full-time grounds based understudies have the opportunity to concentrate on their examinations nearly without interruption. Low maintenance understudies, regardless of whether in school or examining remotely, need to accommodate their investigation time around work, family, local and different duties. Time is a limited asset so as well as can be expected be done is to oversee it viably. This implies having the option to assess to what extent assignments will take at that point organizing, sequencing and designating to ensure that they are finished. Despite the fact that time the executives is once in a while observed as making an arrangement and adhering to it, in all actuality, a great time chief should be adaptable and receptive to evolving circumstances. This is as valid for a student arranging their examinations with respect to a venture supervisor adjusting the requirements of client and sub-contractual workers.


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Firstly If you know What you want to take the lesson on the internet.

You can go step by step in the forward about the lesson, Sometimes you can meet everything it’s difficult the first time.

Ambition is the first step to success. the second step is action; When you set goals that are personally important you’re more likely to manage your time in a way to accomplish them.

For online Study to be a successful experience, you need to be passionate about your chosen course of study.

This passion will drive you to be disciplined and to persevere when deadlines are looming.

Focus on the big picture and remember why you chose to study in the first place.

Take one step at a time and, before you know it, you’ll be closer to achieving your dreams.


Internet is now leading the worldwide spreading things for everybody. Who can live without the internet? I can’t live
without the internet in my whole day. Regarding the internet-based college course, first we will have to get the IOT
(Internet of Things) Computer, tablet and Mobile Phone. Then, the important main things have to have the good internet

Student will have private time to learn the online course. Free online course is to touch the every students for every time.
Online course benefit are learn to do every course through internet, learn to do everywhere and every time (when we are
free), especially no traffic jams.


What does it take to succeed in an Internet-based College Course?

The worldwide pandemic caused by the covid-19 has confined many to their homes. In spite of this, many internet-based college students still find it hard to follow through the courses they enrolled in. There are a lot of factors that facilitate this failure - child care issue, poor time management etc. But this is not our point of call. Internet-based College Course program is a form of distant learning program that exploits digital network for learning, interaction, and dialogue, which in most cases do not require face-to-face meeting in a physical location. This trend started in the 1990’s following the launch of the internet and the invention of WWW(World Wide Web) by Tim Berners-Lee, a British Computer Scientist. Ever since, several schools have keyed into this structure to deliver courses online, covering a wide range of discipline and topics for paid or free certificates. We are going to be discussing what it takes to succeed in that Internet-based course we enrolled in.
Determination - With the full knowledge of the challenges that are inevitably going to pop up in the course of studying, it is expected that we match these challenges up with the right level of determination, otherwise, we will drop out on the way. We have to want to succeed before we can actually succeed. It is quite easy to go online and enroll in a course(especially the free ones) but following it through is what matters.
Organization - Goal setting is a long-lived tradition whose importance can never be overemphasized. It is imperative that we set goals that we hope to achieve at the end of the course program and map out steps to achieving them; a to-do list can be quite handy at this point. There is no right time for anything, we always have to create time in our ever busy schedule for important things, otherwise, we just might never get them done. Get organized! A detailed study plan that encompasses our entire course syllabus with drawn out steps to completing each activity is required. It is also important that we keep record of our activities, in order to monitor our progress and also identify where we are lacking, so that due adjustments can be made.
Discipline - In a survey conducted by Monroe Community College in 2000-2001 on unsuccessful online students(defined as students that received grade F), 19.7℅ of the total 438 students that took part in the survey claimed they got behind and found it hard to catch up and so were unable to complete the course. The question is, how did they get behind? My wild guess is, lack of discipline. They got caught up between study and pleasure and in the event of dealing with the dilemma, they chose the latter of the former. A wrong decision as we can see. Derek Jetter, a former American professional baseball shortstop and businessman in the introductory note of his website “The Players’ Tribune” said and I quote: “I attribute much of my success in New York to my ability to understand and avoid unnecessary distractions.” A lot of distractions are going to pop up, but discipline and our to set our priorities straight will go a long way in helping us succeed in our course program.
Participation in Discussion groups - Discussion groups are equivalent to physical classrooms and can be quite beneficial to our success, if we participate in the activities that go on in the group - asking and answering questions, and sharing ideas. These forums, just like regular classrooms, foster social and collaborative learning. Its creates an avenue for the exchange of ideas and clarification of discombulating issues among ourselves under the watchful, but at most times, silent eyes of the instructor. Discussion groups make us feel like we are a part of something, thereby arousing more interest in the course.
The right attitude - It takes the right kind of attitude to succeed in an Internet-based course. Let’s say, if we can treat our studies like we treat our jobs, there is high tendency that we are going to succeed in it. This is because of the quality of time, attention, and seriousness we will be channeling into our studies, which will inevitably yield success.
Succeeding in an Internet-based College Course is near impossible, because most times, there is usually no one to monitor our progress, with little or no incentive as motivation to continue, but we can “say I will! And then stick to it - that is the only way to do it.” - Nixon Waterman. Adopting these tips may not necessarily be the remedy for whatever problems we are facing in our studies, but it will by-all-means walk us through the path of success, if diligently utilized.


People of all age groups are realizing that to be competitive in our ever changing job market they need to continue to learn and grow which means taking classes, reading and learning current and relevant information. Now more than ever, classes online are appealing to groups of all ages. Online classes are appealing to both mature adults as well as younger folks for different reasons. Of course you will need certain tangible things such as a computer and a webcam but what intangible things are necessary to succeed?

Mature adults taking online classes can benefit from their life experience. They are likely to have some experience setting goals. Perhaps some have even been setting S.M.A.R.T goals for a while. S.M.A.R.T. goals are specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timed (The first known use of the term occurs in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran). This group may also have acquired good time management skills, possibly from being in the workforce or even managing a family. They may find it easier to meet deadlines from their experience meeting deadlines at work. In addition, they may be able to gain credits without having to take certain courses based on their life and work experience

The ability to navigate a computer and use the internet is essential. Younger folks may have an advantage over the mature students because they have grown up using computers and social media. There may be a longer learning curve for mature folks maneuvering in this environment. Younger folks may need to gain more experience with setting goals and meeting deadlines but they are very comfortable in an internet based environment.

For both groups the convenience, flexibility and affordability that online courses offer over traditional college may outweigh the challenges of going to, or returning to college. Some of the more convenient aspects of attending online school are cutting out the extra time it takes to commute, park and get to class at a specified time. The requirement to sit in a classroom which may or may not go at the pace you want or need can definitely deter some folk from getting their degrees. Therefore, the fact that you are able to take classes at your own pace is a major advantage. Most online schools are more affordable than traditional schools, but not all. So, for some, part of succeeding in an internet based college course is how much debt they incur in the process.

A key component in feeling like you have succeeded is definitely the quality of your education. Is the internet based class accredited and from a reputable institution? At the end of all the hours of hard work, when you finally get that degree, it needs to mean something to potential employers. While many individuals will return to college to get their degrees simply for the challenge and for self improvement, most will be there to gain the knowledge and degree that will help them advance in their careers. Therefore, if you don’t feel confident that your school will provide that, you may feel discouraged and quit.

I found it very important that the internet based school I chose was one that accepted a majority of my prior college credits. It would have been very disappointing to me and I probably would not have even enrolled if that hadn’t been the case. So, having the finish line in sight will be key to my success.

Therefore, to succeed in an Internet-based college course one will need several tangible items such as a computer with access to the internet, a program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs for saving work, a printer and a web cam for taking proctored exams from home or creating video assignments. One will also need several intangibles such as a good time management skills, the ability to set goals and the discipline to stick to a schedule, the motivation to succeed, an accredited online school that is affordable and that provides good communication about assignments and expectations and one that will result in a degree that is credible to potential employers.


:+1: Great job. Very well written and I like the statistics. Good use of Ethos!


Thank you


What does it take to be a successful in internet based course. The first step to a successful internet base course is consistency. Providing efficiency with every assignment and task. Proper materials such as computer, and any other device that in capable of connecting to the internet. Great time management! especially with students balancing careers, families and other difficulties. To be successful in an Internet base course offers that opportunity for flexibility to achieve higher learning.


It is important for you to want to learn
Computer, mobile phone, or tablet
Knowledge on how internet courses are conducted. Time Management
Make a study schedule and stick to it
Communicate with instructor and classmates by email or discussion forum
Stay motivated and remember why you are taking the online course


To succeed in an Internet- based college course you have confidence in your self. Set study habit. Stay on top everything that need to be down in the course and on time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Set goals for how you gonna to achieve in the course.


I agree. You have dedication and stay motivated cause if not it can cause failure.


If you are willing to study in an internet based college then there must be set of rules that we all must follow.
For online courses we have to prepare our time schedule accordingly as we cannot waste our time and we have to study more. By maintaining a proper schedule we’ll never miss lectures and our studies will be on the right track.
Yes internet learning is convenient but we must not take it for granted. By managing time and schedule we can study on our own time slots and it is convenient for everybody.
It is a platform where we all are free to ask questions so ask as many questions as you want because clarifying your doubts is the main key to attain success.
There is no time restriction in online courses but set a goal for yourself and study daily.


First of all one can be succed in any type of courses whether it is online or offline if he or she is determined.
If it comes to internet based education one need to be:
. Aware about area of interest
. Read regularly
. Bookmark what you want to read again.
. Stay concentrated throughout the period of course.